Saturday, July 19, 2008

Social Web And Window Shopping

Social web. What do you think that means?

Imagine walking down the sidewalk. You stop at the big display window for a store. You're looking at this really cool item being displayed. Near you, there are a few people there looking too. You strike up a quick conversation with the person next to you. You and she share insights and then walk on; both a little wiser and happier. The shopping experience is much more enjoyable and memorable.

This same social experience can be had on the web. See the video:


Shaun Connolly said...

Good post. Last month I wrote a blog on this very topic:
Social Window Shopping

A cleaned-up version of the above as well as other Social Web use cases can be found at:

Michael Finney said...

Thank you. I enjoyed the links you left as well.

Social surfing as opposed to always solo surfing is the future and the new norm.